Introducing our beautiful Crystal Infused Colection.


Bring inner peace, enlightenment & relieve stress with our beautiful amazonite infused candle.


Our beautiful Crystal Candles will give you a 55-60 hour burn with propper care and are completely natural and toxic-free. We use high quality wicks made from 100% cotton and high quality fragrences to ensure you get the best from your candles.

Amazonite Infused Candle

  • If your candle has a larger stone please remove this before you burn your candle, this will ensure you have an even burn and your candle will last longer. Please leave the smaller stones in your candle these will not effect your candle. 

    Trim your wicks! If you do not trim your wick your candle may burn uneven and you will have a larger flame.

    Do not burn your candle for longer then 3 hours without letting it cool and trimming your wick this ensures your candles life.

    Make sure to burn your candle for at least 2 hours or until the pool of wax has reached the rim of the jar this will prevent tunneling.